Here is how to sign up:
(1) Go to the Attornneed website and click on the "Become A Virtual Intern" page either through our home page or through the "Our Services" tab.
(2) Click on the "Become A Virtual Intern" button at the top of the page.  It will take you to our Register page. Please sign up with your school's email address in order to facilitate our accredited university check.
(3) Once you signup, you will get an email verification. The email may go to your spam (we are working on resolving that issue). You must verify your account before trying to login.  Once you have verified your account you will be able to login and will be taken to your Dashboard. You can also access your Dashboard via the drop-down menu at the top right corner of the website.  
(4) Once you are there, you will need to set up your Profile page that can be accessed via the left side of the page. Your Profile page is the page that employers see when you apply for an assignment. No one else has access to your profile page. You will need to upload a headshot, your resume, your writing sample, and your transcript. Use the "About" tab as a short form general cover letter.
Here is an example: 
(5) A cool feature that we've added is the "Calendly Link" tab, an optional feature that allows you to link your calendar booking app with your profile so that employers can book virtual interviews with you via the platform. You can use any calendar booking app (Calendly has a free account option and syncs directly with your calendar).
(6) We are almost finished! The last thing you will need to do is set up your Stripe account to get paid. At the top of the Dashboard page, you will see a prompt telling you to signup for Stripe. Click on "Click Here To Create Account" as shown below:
(7) Here you will create a Stripe account that is linked to your Attornneed account. Sign up as an individual with your information and phone number, you will need to verify your account using the information you provided. 
(8) Under the business website tab, it states, "Business Website", click on "Add A Product Description Instead" and enter your role as a "Student Contractor."
(9) Finally, Stripe will prompt you to link your bank account or debit card information. This will allow you to get paid for assignments completed.