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Attornneed connects law firms with law students through assignment-based virtual internships. This unique program allows law firms to hire fit-for-purpose talent on an as-need basis. Scaling with interns allows you to be more productive and profitable.  

Legal Internships have always been a great way for new lawyers to gain experience in their fields of interest before they kick-start their careers. Attornneed taps into the untapped potential of law students and bridges the academic and experience gap by helping law students better prepare for life after graduation.

Approaches to Meet Your Needs

We have two main approaches for law firms interested in hiring virtual interns for assignment-based projects:

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Curated Approach

Virtual Platform

Assignment Posting

Law firm will provide assignment details, timeline, deadline, and work hours required.

Law firm will post the assignment and its description on the platform.

Candidate Vetting

Attornneed will shortlist 2-3 pre-vetted candidates from its ever-growing talent pool who best match client requirements.

Attorneed will share details of the assignment with qualified candidates from its talent pool who can then submit their applications.

Candidate Review & Selection

A law firm can then request candidate credentials to access their resume, writing samples, transcripts so that they may interview and finalize the selection.

Law firm can review applicants' credentials and book the best candidate through the platform.

Assignment Commencement

After selection, the assignment can commence immediately with the chosen candidate working remotely.

After selection, the assignment can commence immediately with the chosen candidate working remotely.

Assignment Submission and Approval

The candidate will submit the assignment for review and approval from the law firm.

The candidate will submit the assignment for review and approval from the law firm.

Intern Payments

After approval, Attornneed will manage the payments and financial transactions with the students.

After approval, Attornneed will manage the payments and financial transactions with the students.
















Who We Help and How

Attornneed’s Virtual Legal Internship Programs benefits three main groups:

  1. Law Students
  2. Law Firms
  3. Law Schools

Benefits to Law Firms

Law firms are often busy with 100s of cases, and managing smaller assignments can be difficult. By using Attornneed’s virtual internships program, your firm will be able to work with talented law students to get the work done and improve profitability while reducing overhead.

  • Increase Billable Hours

The most obvious benefit to your law firm is the added billable hours to your invoice, which you cannot do when unpaid interns work on a project. Paying interns pays since most jurisdictions allow attorneys to bill for paid intern work. Our program practically pays for itself if you are a law firm billing by the hour.

  • Vet and Train Talent

There is a gap between law firm expectations of graduate experience and their experience. By using Attornneed’s virtual internship program, you can vet talent while staying profitable. Our intern-to-hire program provides a new and more reliable way of talent assessment. Larger firms who want to make hiring decisions can use our platform to make decisions based on work-product rather than unreliable interviews.

Since people tend to feel more loyal towards organizations that train and develop them, this process is likely to ensure that a talented and well-trained graduate will join your team.

  • Minimize Administrative and Recruitment Costs

Since virtual legal interns work remotely, you will not need to create space for them within the firm premises. This will help you avoid incurring any extra administrative expenses to accommodate them.

Your candidate identification and selection cost will also be low since you will be relying on Attornneed’s platform and talent pool for the recruitment process.

Benefits to Law Students

Only 10% to 20% of the law graduates get positions at top firms after graduation, while 80% of law graduates struggle to find work in their preferred fields.

With Attornneed’s help, you no longer need to struggle. You can apply for internships during your studies to gain the necessary experience in your area of interest. Here are some of the key benefits you can gain from working with Attornneed:

  • Experiential Learning and Resume Development

Opting for Attornneed’s virtual internships will help you gain practical experience in the field of your choice. Not only will this help you build and develop your resume, but it will also help you qualify for jobs right after graduation.

  • Networking and Career Opportunities

Working as a virtual intern will allow you to network with people in the industry. This will open the doors to several opportunities for you when you start your career.

  • Convenience and Compensation

Since the role is assignment-based and virtual, it will be convenient for you to manage. Besides all the benefits, you will also be compensated for your work as an intern.

Benefits to Law Schools

Although the main beneficiaries of Attornneed’s Legal Intern program are law school students and law firms, law schools also benefit from it. Here are the main benefits for law schools.

  • Increase Exposure in New Markets

Law schools can create awareness about themselves for law firms in new regions and markets through their students opting for virtual internships around the country.

  • Expand Intern Pool and Generate New Opportunities

They can expand the intern pool within the student body and encourage more of them to gain relevant experience during the course of their studies.

  • Supplement Career Service Resources

Attornneed’s virtual internships directly contribute to students’ career development, adding to the career service resources provided to students by law schools. It reduced the burden on law schools and increases opportunities nationwide.

Pro Bono Program

An extension of our Virtual Legal Intern Program is our pro-bono program. Our pro-bono program connects law school students interested in giving back to the community with law firms and legal organizations taking on pro-bono cases. While these do not provide compensation, the partnership will allow them to gain practical experience, expand their network, develop their resume, and give back to society. Law Students undertaking pro-bono assignments will get pro-bono credits in jurisdictions that require pro-bono hours for graduation.


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